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Origins / Barberra

Origins / Barberra is the first in a series of barrel aged golden ales, refermented on single grape varietals. This inaugural version was made with rich, full, Barberra wine grapes. The resulting beer is like a beer/natural wine hybrid, bringing jammy fruit, and a soft acidity, to a dry tannic base beer. 5%, 750ml, $19 each. Batch #1 was released 01/23/18.


Smile is our honey rye farmhouse ale, featuring Rye and Pils malts from Double Eagle Malt and local wildflower honey. It tastes of mead, lime zest, and spicy garden herbs. 5%, 750ml, $15 each. Batch #1 was released 12/28/17.

Check Facebook and Instagram for opening times

Hello all, we’ve been getting a lot of messages recently asking when/if we are open. The only consistent opening time is Saturday from 2-8pm. If you’d like to know when you can visit us during the week, please check Facebook or Instagram, all weekday opening dates will be announced on these platforms. If there’s not a post saying we are open, we are closed. We’re moving toward more consistency in the future, but for now, this is how it works. Hope to see you soon!

Merry Merry

Merry Merry is a dark strong ale, aged for a few months in bourbon and white wine barrels, then blended and bottle conditioned. It tastes of bright plum, bakers cocoa, vanilla, brown sugar, strawberry candy, and finishes dry with a moderate sourness. 9.3%, 750ml, $18 each. Batch #1 was released 12/02/17.


Fooz is a wheat beer, aged in stainless with oak staves for 3 months before adding massive amounts of peaches from 3 Springs Fruit Farms, and allowing another few months for it to ferment to dryness. It’s a delicate, aromatic expression of peachy goodness, with a nice light acidity. 5% abv, $16, 750ml. Batch #1 was release 11/11/17.

Extended hours

Hey all, as we figure out how to best run our openings, we have decided to expand the times in which we are open. Moving forward, we will set the basic hours to, weekday openings, 5-10pm, and Saturday openings, 2-8pm. Please keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for announcements. See you!

Form Extra

Form Extra is now available at the brewery. Extra is inspired by some of our favorite bitter French and Belgian Farmhouse ales. A high proportion of Vienna malt in the base, and a long boil produces a deep golden color. On this we’ve layered a melange of noble hops, with around 40% being aged several years. These aged hops impart a different kind of bitterness and flavor to their fresh counterparts, creating deep, woodsy, herbaceous tones. With the light acidity from our mixed culture, inflections of lemon, lime and grapefruit peel are also present. With an ABV of 7%, and a firm bitterness this beer will age very gracefully over time, as the hops mellow off, and a deep viniousness comes to the fore. We hope to be sharing them for years to come. 750ml, 7% alcohol by volume. Batch #1 was released 10/20/17.

Watch for weeknight openings

Hello all, thanks for making our Saturday openings an awesome time! In addition to continuing that schedule, we will also be announcing weeknight openings from 5-8pm, as often as time allows. These will be announced via Facebook and Instagram. Keep a look out, and we hope to see you soon!


Our newest release is available at the brewery now. Soft starts off like a traditional Belgian Wit, and is fermented with our house yeast and bacteria culture. We then add loads of Valencia orange juice and zest, and a bit of coriander and chamomile. At 4% it’s an adult soft drink, sort of like a radler, sort of like a beer mimosa. Built for summer brunches, and poolside lingering. 4% alcohol by volume. $14, 750ml. Batch #1 was released 07/29/17.

Form to Table and Formhouse

Our first two releases are available at the brewery now. They are Formhouse and Form to Table. All of our beers are mixed fermentation and fermented with oak and our house cultures. All bottles are naturally conditioned. Formhouse is a 6.5% ABV tart farmhouse ale. It’s bone dry, effervescent, and mildly acidic, with notes of citrus, pear and white grape. $16, 750ml. Form to Table is a 3.5% hoppy table beer. It’s dry with a firm bitterness, and noble hop character. It tastes of autumn leaf funk, lemon and lychee, and has a nice quenching tartness $10, 750ml. Formhouse batch #1, and Form to Table batch #1 were released 07/01/17.