Formation is the culmination of years of effort in the brewing and blending of barrel aged beers. Produced with a mother culture that has been with us in various forms for around ten years now, this tart, vinious, characterful beer is the effort that brought Form into existence. This beer is made using a Solera method similar to what is used in making Sherry, but with an intent to make something closer to what you might find around the Senne river in Belgium. This beer is the youngest of our blends being blended from four barrels of around 1 year old. The result is a beer with a striking aroma of minerals and must, and a deep full flavor that is fruity, quenching, and expressive. This is one to aged for years and share with friends and family. 5%, 750ml, $17 each. Batch #1 was released in April 2018. Photo: Mike V. Sardina