Our Beers

All of our beers are made by “mixed fermentation”. This means they are co-fermented with various strains of yeast and bacteria. Instead of purchasing yeast from a lab, we work with mother cultures that we maintain. This is a very old way of producing beer that is being made new again. Some of our beers are fermented and aged in wine barrels, and all of them are in contact with oak for some time. All of our beers are bottle and cask conditioned by using a short re-fermentation to produce carbonation. This means that they can safely be kept and enjoyed for years.


Fooz is a wheat beer, aged in stainless with oak staves for 3 months before adding massive amounts of peaches from 3 Springs Fruit Farms, and allowing another few months for it to ferment to dryness. It’s a delicate, aromatic expression of peachy goodness, with a nice light acidity. 5% abv, $16, 750ml.


Soft starts off like a traditional Belgian Wit, and is fermented with our house yeast and bacteria culture. We then add loads of Valencia orange juice and zest, and a bit of coriander and chamomile. At 4% it’s an adult soft drink, sort of like a radler, sort of like a beer mimosa. Built for summer brunches, and poolside lingering. 4% alcohol by volume.


Gestalt is a label under which we can release one-off beers that capture a moment in time. Be it finding a small quantity of a foraged ingredient, or an impromptu blend of beers for a special occasion, it allows us room to play and invent.

Gestalt 1

Gestalt 1 was a special one-off beer made for our first opening day. It’s based on one of our Farmhouse-style pale ales, with the addition of Libery and Lemon Drop dry-hopping. Tastes of papaya, pomegranate, honey dew, black pepper, and hyssop. 5% alcohol by volume.


This beer is inspired by some of our favorite hoppy french farmhouse ales. A substantial ABV and layers of noble hops make this a great choice for shared enjoyment. Fresh it’s bold and assertive, with time it’s mellow an refined. A great beer to cellar and drink anytime. 7% Alcohol by volume.

Form to Table

Our version of a classic table beer, designed for refreshment. Whether it’s something you have while doing yard work, or grilling-out, it’s meant to be as quaffable is it is characterful. This pale yellow-orange beer is low in alcohol with a substantial hop bitterness and aroma. Like many of our beers it is meant to be kept in a cellar to have now or to develop with time. 3.5% Alcohol by volume.


This beer showcases what we love about simple, rustic ales that continue to develop with time. Formhouse is a tart farmhouse ale. It’s bone dry, effervescent, and mildly acidic, with notes of citrus, pear and white grape. It’s complex enough to consider, yet tasty enough to just drink. 6.5% Alcohol by volume.